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These are actual testimonials from first time clients that have emailed me
about there spiritual progress and results

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"It has been my Honor to be part of these peoples lives and provide them
with the help & assistance they needed."

James K. and Melody


I wanted to thank you for all your help and valuable insight, you really helped me changed my life around, Me and my
fiance Melody are now enguaged to be married next year things all fell into place just like you said they would, i got a
new job and new start, exactly how you predicted im no longer having all the problems that i was having in my life
before, i really thought my life was hopeless at one point and that there was nothing that i could do to Change the
horrible things happening to me in my life, you really did care and spent extra time with me to explain things to me you
helped me through the roughest time in my life, i did the spiritual cleanings, and performed the work just as you
instructed and everything seemed to fall into place right afterwards . its not just by chance at all , it was because of you
and i thank you very much for helping me regain my life again and i now plan on making steps to new goals in my life i
will be back for a consultation , you saved my life and i feel that i owe you a great deal of gratitude for your personal
humanity and assistance, Thank you so much... James K., CT

Andrew S



sending you this letter to ask you if you could put this on your website to tell people about the results of what i have
experienced from our first meeting together i dont know how to explain this and if anyone thinks that im doing this for
any other reason they can email me or call me themself to ask me about my experience
( . I was having some major problems in my life and i needed help i did not
know where to turn and i ended up finding your website one night while i was very upset going through a major
depression after my mother passed away bad family problems and divorce from my ex wife . I decided that i would get a
Reading with you to see if you would be able to help me get a grip on things , you instructed me what needed to be
done and told me certain things that only someone who knows me personally would know, detailed descriptions
accurately dated events and were able to tell me things that no one else could have known but my Mother. shortly after
our phone call, i recieved your Spiritual Bath in the mail, and spoke with you the second time about the work that
needed to be done im writing this letter 3 months after i have followed your advice and instructions and i will tell you
everything is finally different in my life, i was able to get through my depression and advance myself spiritually after your
meditation techincs you taught me, i moved to a new home 1 week prior to our session together exactly how you said
in my reading, i recently recieved a raise at work and was able to take more time off in the process to take a vacation,
also exactly how you predicted in my reading, i feel like the major obstacles have been removed in front of me, i feel
great and not to mention im starting to date someone very special i wanted to thank you for setting things straight in my
life and giving me new hope and understanding to things ................ Andrew S. , CA

Karen R.

Bendicion ,

everything worked out just like you said it would after i got the spiritual work that you suggested , i got everything i
really wanted and i was able to get a new job and go to school for my new career, i am going to call you again to keep
in touch with you im going to make a new appointment with you again soon so we can work on some more things in my
life everything now is very positive and fresh now , i wanted to thank you for being such a positive person in my life and
great new friend........... Karen R. , NY

More Testimonials

"Well, finally a REAL PSYCHIC who is ACTUALLY THE REAL DEAL . You're the best!".......J. M.

"I am not only a satisfied customer but an extremely loyal one. This was such a positive experience!" ....... Laura S.

"You were able to answer all my questions with extensive clarity, You truly amazed me. The best psychic I have ever
spoken to"...... Tim Ellis

"This is the second time I have spoken with you, and I honestly do believe you are the ONLY REAL credible psychic
around"..... Liz R.

"you are so focused when you are doing the reading. you gave me vital information, went straight to the truth. you were
very accurate" ......... C.C

"My reading was most impressive, you astounded me with the accuracy as to what was currently going on in my life,
and your caring helpful solutions came through loud and clear and really helped me through a very tough situation".......
Tia L.

"I purposely left out a couple of details and you picked right up on them. I'm VERY impressed with your services"......

"You described in detail my recent events, such as a the robbery in my home, my move, even family situations
WOW!"..... Denise.

"You allowed me to reach deep down and begin to understand myself. While that in itself may be a lifelong experience
like you said, but with your valuable insights I no longer have to walk though my life like going through a dark room with
the lights out ,as you put it, and iam so grateful you have helped me find the light switch to turn it on and see more
clearly. thank you" ................ Anita M.

"Wow! Wow, wow, wow I'm a believer! This was Awesome! How did you know so much with just my name and
birthday???" .... Bobby K.

"I couldn't believe the things you knew in our consultation! It gave me goosebumps"........... Becky W.

"Everything you said would happen, happened the next day!!!!!!! VERY accurate. Scary accurate!!!! Made me a believer i
have already made my next appointment with you for Tuesday, thanks again for the heads up it saved me alot of money
with my business it was well worth it to have the reading consultation with you i was blessed tripple the amount it came
back to me just like you said! " ............. Candice J

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