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What is a Witch Doctor?

A witch doctor originally referred to a type of healer who treated ailments believed to be caused by witchcraft or Spiritual Problems. It is
currently used to refer to healers in some parts of the world , who use traditional healing rather than contemporary medicine to fix
Problems both of the Spiritual and Physically. In the first world it usually refers to chiropractors, homeopaths and faith healers along with
unconventional types of spiritual oriented Priests of Palo Mayombe, Vodou, Buju, Santeria and Ifa.

In its original meaning, a witch doctor was emphatically not necessarily a "witch" himself but rather the person who had remedies to
protect others against witchcraft and to help the person avoid spiritual problems because he was not only able to be both a Witch to
protect and defend clients when necessary. Witchcraft and spiritually-induced conditions such as obstacles and major life changes in a
persons life were his area of expertise.

In the most simple of terms he was a Holy man able to perform spiritual and physical healing with his expertise having permission from
the Devine energies through his formal Initiations and Education.


Why Go to a Psychic when you have a problem?
Some say to find answers, but do you really get to the root of the problem?

The answers to this is NO in all cases going to a psychic will not help you FIX your problems these people generally do not have the
Spiritual skills, education or background to help fix your problems spiritually or physically even if they say they are a "Witch" what gives
them permission to perform these sacred rights with your own life when they do not have formal permissions through Initiations when
they cannot even control there basic abilities themself?


Everyone has psychic and medium abilitys and instincts but how much do they have and are they able to use these
gifts properly?

Why are we given these gifts?

Simple.... We were given these gifts to be able to help our ownselves communicate with our own spiritual counsel to give respect to
those ancestors who have passed to help our OWN family progress through thes Spirits that help us in our life and protect our families
in this world, our spirits are not ment to be exploited , these psychics and so called mediums are misguided and misdirected and often
just invent things with new aged beliefs with careless disregard for your own safe well being, they often disrespect there very own
spirits by doing what they do by taking the credit of having "Psychic" Ability  which comes from the spirits who walk with them, very
often they do not even give reverance to them and disreguard them.

Do they have authority and permission to use their abilities?

Psychics and so called "witches" do not have authority and cannot perform spell work, magic and most of the time are frauds!!!

They do not have the authority to work with the energies of the universe from the creator. They merely invent concepts and steal from
the universe without personal responsibility for themselves or their clients. They choose to do this for monetary gain and not for
spiritual progression.

In the African traditions, it is customary to pay as part of the sacrifice along with the items used in the consultations and ceremonies
which are part of the exchange process for the necessary workings to create a balance for the client within the universe.
Not everyone can paint like Michael Angelo, and not everyone can play baseball like Babe Ruth, most people have a "Life Force Energy
Spark" called "PA" Or "Ashe"given to them by the Almighty and the Devine energys of the universe when there energy is molded and
sometimes re-incarnated into what you are today these energys are part of everything you are which is why all spirits with you can be
any and all races , different colors, men and women and sometimes spirits of nature these *Ancestor spirits become part of you as well
as the universe around you.
*Ancestor Spirits called Eggun, Nfumbe, Bakulu Or Spirit Guides along with the persons actual Bloodline Ancestors are all part of the
persons spiritual family tree.

just because someone says they are a Psychic doesnt mean that they can help you, most cases these people are extremely unbalanced
themself and cannot even control there own basic Psychic abilitys by them giving you advise sometimes "Free" advise they can hinder
you confused, emotional, and sometimes even worse off then when you started, nothing in life is free the natural balance of the
universe works on the exchange process where the Ocean tide moves in ... it also moves outwards into the currents of the Ocean, when
there is a Storm the Winds carry the Storm clouds away nothing in the universe is "FREE" giving away your "Life Force Energy Spark"
should not be free either unless you have a "license" of the universe to practice


In all cases most people un-initiated into the mysteries of life do NOT have the right to perform anything with peoples life force energys
and can damage people in the process making things much more unbalanced in the persons life and create only a smoke and mirrors
effect with the client temporarily and the client usually end up worse than before plagued with negitive energies.
there has been alot of "New Age" Groups that make personal Claims to a Magic-Religious Systems or Spiritual based Systems, that DO
NOT EXISIT but ONLY in fictional or mis-inturpreted books containing "Theory" of Gothic-Magical-Religious systems and rituals along with
Witchcraft Covents that no longer exsist with the correct rituals , none were ever recorded in there time precisely.
Originally they were ALL practiced secretly through a lineage based system of Master and Student!
they have'nt been practiced correctly since before the Dark Ages and the dawn of Christianity in Europe , Small sects of these Magic-
Religous based memebers did exsist secretly after that time but were forced to conform to Christianity or die by horribe torture
systems, later the Catholic church mixed some of the magicial pagan belief systems into the religon itself to bring more members to the
Church Comminuty in Italy, Spain , England and Ireland mixing and infusing some Pagan Magic beliefs of the "Oldways" into the Catholic
Christian beliefs.
but throughout time in the dark ages and then after, when the Salem Witchcraft Trials came into effect in the new Americas this began a
new outcry in the Church for witchcraft societys and covents and bringing a major ban of the old lineage systems, they slowly lost the
Magic-Religous Systems they claim today along with the pagan beliefs these lineage lines knew and were LOST, almost all the writings
and recorded rituals were lost in the process and the lineage lines were destroyed through time due to the Churches making outragous
claims of Witchcraft, Massive Beheadings along with other Torture systems were used to anyone that believed in anything other then
the Church.
these people that make claims to these types of Religons and Witchcraft Covents "dabble" in Dark (Black) Magic's or Earthly (White)
based Magic-Religious Systems and beliefs, there is a danger in just dabbling with something you dont understand completely and dont
have License to practice, with a lack of real knowledge of these magic-religous systems it began to open the door up to people inventing
other systems in the process which were used to confuse people more and not to mention make a profit.

The Spirits say often to those without access:

"Just because a door is unlocked on a house does'nt give just any person
the permission to enter and steal items from inside that house , just
because the door is open does not mean that its free to take and give as
the person may please inside that house , you MUST have permission to
enter that house! "

(High Energies) says often to those who are

"si usted no me conoce.... por qué me llama"
"if you dont know me... then why are you calling me"

Most people are not part of a Lineage based Magic Religous System learned they are NEVER taught correctly how to, spiritually clean, and
how to perform correct rituals on people let alone themselves. very often these people are faced with MANY hardships in life including:
Depression, Anxiety, Hauntings, Misfortunes, Family Disfunction, Anger problems, Mental instibility, Self Mutilation, Suicide, Multiple
Personality Disorders, imune disorders( being Sick Always), uncontrolable urges (sexual acts), Money problems, and a constant
uneasyness and upset feeling and have several people around them faced with incureable Disease, and similar hardship issues as
stated above.

They Practice these Magical-Religious Beliefs and perform Spell Works, make potions, and cleanse people, reading from books written
by Frauds and imposters with NO KNOWLEDGE in the correct Spiritual Realms of Magic-Religious Lineage lines, these Authors write
books now from the Imagination For Entertainment Purpose only, like a story for profit generation ONLY with total Disreguard for your
own personal spiritual safety based on the beliefs of MANY mis-guided , Mis-informed, and Dis-Organized theories on Magic-Religious
Beliefs of Europe lumped, and Junked together to form a giant Confusing Mess for people to put together like a puzzle with left over
pieces and missing parts, try to bake a cake with several major ingredients missing and see what you come up with?

When a person takes an oath and initiation into a lineage line as a Priest each level that they achieve grants them a right or license to
practice with those energys of the universe also exposing them to higher levels of energy each time on a gradual basis, most human
beings cannot take on the powerful energys all at once for example in the Bible it tells the story of Moses and how climbed to the top of
the mountain to speak to God directly and recieve the 10 commandments, when Moses got to the top of the mountain, God replyed to
Moses "Do not look directly at me my energy will harm you" so God used his Devine Hand and Shielded Moses from his powerful light
only exposing him to the back of his hand , this was enough powerful energy and light to turn Moses's hair and robe bleached White, and
this example is a good one why initiations are done in levels and through the persons lifetime to help them recieve the nessesary
energys into there life to help them along with others around them to bring great balance and stability to them.

How to Spot Frauds that claim they are from the
Religions of Vodou, Santeria, Palo Mayombe, or other
African religious lineages.

How to spot disingenuous people that claim they are initiated into the Religion.
~Palo Mayombe~

SO called Priest that read tarot cards, mix new age practices, mix Santeria with Palo Mayombe, or mix principles of other different faiths
into their religious practices

Women are never High Priests in ANY ATR

Question if they are authentic priests or not because an authentic Priest of Palo Mayombe will be able to recite his/her lineage lines
(ramas) and be able to tell you his initiation dates, God Parents who initiated him, which Munanso Congo he belongs to and if he is an
Advanced Priest(Tata Nganga) with authority to consult people and use Vititi Mensu, Mensu Fa-si bikanda or Vititi Nkobo to give a
consultation in Palo Mayombe.

You cannot Initiate through mail order please keep this in mind, all the African Religions are "learn by doing" faiths through personal
instruction from a God Parent, Receiving items through the mail is alright, but question the items you are receiving and why?
certain things are OK for example, spiritual baths (Munia Nsala), herbs and herbal remedies (with a qualified Tata's personal instruction
to use them) and even a Macuto, Lucerito or Bikanda for protection

But receiving items that require formal Initaitions or presentations in the Temple like Spiritual Pots, Nganga's, Prenda's or other items
require someone to be in person and go through formal initiations and ceremonies!
but NEVER initiations without being there in person!!

understand that if the person is not Legit they cannot give you anything and most times they can hinder you negitive in your attempts!!
Homo-sexuals, Bi-Sexuals, Criminals, Drug Addicts, Mentally Ill or Immoral people are NOT Initiated
into Palo Mayombe.

sex is never done in or during ceremonies, never before sacred cereomies or after sometimes this is a disrespect to the energies ,
sexual favors are never offered or bartered for services either. there are NO Ceremonies done that require sexual contact EVER!

Certain so called frauds use "Santeria", "Ifa" or other Yoruba Religious initiations and mix them into Palo Mayombe this is a KEY factor that
you can use to determine if the Priest is legit or not during your initial consultation, readings or ceremonies they will use Orisha names
instead of Mpungo's from the Congo Religion of Palo Mayombe

Tthe reason for this is because Palo Mayombe is extremely secret and they will not have the basic knowledge to use to fool people, so
they start to invent other spiritual or religious practices into there scam artistry in order to try to fool someone to believe they are
Priests when they are NOT!


Nfumo (Tribal Chief )
Tata "Ngombo" Nganga Malongo
High Priest A High Priest with a royal title that has had all the Necessary training and Initiation rites and has recieved all of the sacred
Nganga's, the title of Ngombo denotes that the High Priest has recieved the highest initiation Kimbabula Kabango known as also "Padre
Tiempo" and can perform the sacred divinations and proverbs through use of the Nkobo, Vititi mensu, Chamalongo, and "Fa-si-bradiku" a
Table that has Symbols and proverbs in the Palo Mayombe Religion used in Divination these are a direct connection to the Devine, a Tata
Ngombo Nganga is similar to a Babalawo which is a High Priest of the religion of Ifa which shares Similarites to the Religion of Palo
Mayombe in all cases a Tata Ngombo Nganga can perform even more functions then that of a Babalawo because they deal directly with
the problems on earth. Paleros are completely capable of performing all the same works if not more then a Babalawo , or High Priest of
Ifa tradition or Lucumi religion also called “Santeria”. There are some in the Santeria and IFA community that believe in a "Progressive
theory" that states that a person should move from Palo to Santeria to Ifa over the course of time through a persons spiritual
development. This, is absolutely Un-true Palo Mayombe is a Religion of its own with its own Priests and Structure and beliefs. Though in
Palo Mayombe it is alright for a person to be initiated into different spiritual practices as well as other traditions a person should
complete his spiritual developments as a Priest in Palo Mayombe first before moving forward into other faiths this can sometimes
confuse someone and cause spiritual problems for a person later on , it must also be remembered that these religions are all separate
although they may share similarities they are not the same or ever mixed into each other when someone does this they are NOT
performing there function correctly.

Tata Nganga
High Priest of the Palo Mayombe Religion that has had all the Necessary training and Initiation rites that can perform all the ceremonies,
sacrifices and mambo's, a Tata Nganga has extremely good knowledge of all the herbs,animals,songs,prayers and ceremonies a Tata
Nganga has also recieved all of the sacred Nganga's, This High Priest can give birth to new Nganga's and knows all the secrets to building
the sacred vessels of the religion of Palo Mayombe and can lead any ceremony and have his own Munanso Congo as well but during
functions all of the elders go to where the roots of where they were born from and worship from the main munanso congo God Fathers,
God Sons and Daughers and Elders all include eachother and come together in singular worship in 1 House of Worship.

Tata Nkisi-Bokanfula
Assistant to High Priest A Priest that has complete knowledge in all the ceremonies of Palo Mayombe and assists during all ceremonies
and eventully has an opportunity to become a Tata Nganga though initiation and complete his High Priesthood.

Tata Nkisi/Yaya Nkisi
Male/ Female Priests
Tata Nkisi/Yaya Nkisi have the basic knowledge in ceremonies, prayers, and sacrifices and have recieved there basic
"fundamento" the Building blocks of the Kimpungulu Nganga's usually there Mpungo (Diety they are Initiated to) and
"Lucero" Nkuyo. these priest can build up there Houses by receiving more Nganga's, training and Initiations. They can
Have God Children of there own but require the presence of a Nfumo, Tata Nganga & Bokanfula to perform the
necessary ceremonies.

Tata Nkisi/Yaya Nkisi
Male/ Female Priests without "Fundamento" Nganga
Tata Nkisi/Yaya Nkisi without the Fundamento or fundamental Nganga's, in most cases these are priests that are capable of learning the
Ceremonies, songs, prayers and sacrifices they serve as active memebers in the Munanso Congo and must always have the presence
of a Nfumo, Tata Nganga & Bokanfula to perform the necessary ceremonies.
The Initiation is called Rayamiento or being "Scratched" and it is extremely secret, extremely serious and sacred it is an amazing and
beautiful experience which takes Courage, Honor, and Loyalty to Prove yourself thorough Oath, Pacts and Vows to the Munanso Congo it
preserves the tradition and lineages of the Religion of Palo Mayombe. Discussion on initiation with non-initiates is strictly forbidden. The
ceremonies are secret and should remain this way in order to expose Frauds and Charlatans from copying them and performing false
ceremonies to some unsuspecting Seekers in the faith. although this does happen they are quickly exposed when they are brought into
the light by the Legitimate Palo Mayombe Community. Initiation is where you start. In the Religion of Palo Mayombe the temple is formed
much like the concept or model of hierarchy, which is modeled after the tribal structure from the High Priest and workers and
Assistants called "Bokanfula's" down to the Apprentice Helpers called "Ngaeyo's". All roles are held vital in the structure of the Munanso
Congo and each of the members help eachother learn 1 on 1 once members are able to memorize and know the details of ceremonies
they are tested and given initiation into the next stage.
Ngaeyo is the Novice Apprentice to the Priests New Initiated Novice Apprentices to a Munanso Congo they are Children of the Mpungo
and highly respected because they are said to be looked after directly by the Mpungo and bakula during there initiation process and
afterwards they are however under a watchful eye from everyone. they are also the ones that have a freshest energy,and have been just
cleaned so they have strict rules to follow. they can take part in most but not all of the Ceremonies of the Munanso Congo after they
have made there oaths and vows through the sacred initiations into the tribal munanso congo. Membership to a Munanso Congo is only
by initiation

Here are some examples of mis-interpretations from un-
named disingenuous
"Palo Mayombe" Websites:

The “Eggun Spirits Initiation Ceremony” links the new initiate to the world of their Ancestors. Without the permission,
blessings and assistance of our Ancestors we will never be able to realize all of the good things that life holds for us. By
undergoing this initiation an individual establishes a relationship with the world of the Ancestors so they will be better
able to assist the individual with all the good things in life and to be able to overcome all difficulties that an individual
may be faced with. It is important that a new initiate undergo this initiation ceremony so that they do not lose their way on
their journey in this life. The Eggun Spirits Initiation Ceremony cost between $3500 to $6500.

Why this is Wrong?
this is a prime example of how certain so called religious practioners mix different religions into others they read
about in books and do not have legit Initiation into these Faiths.
For example charging someone $3,000-$7,000 for a "Eggun" Initiation is wrong because there is NO SUCH INITIATION!!!!
first of all Eggun are from the Lucumi (Santeria) or Ifa Orisha worship Traditions NOT Palo Mayombe!
They are not called "Eggun" In Palo Mayombe!!!!!
they are called "Bakula" or "Bakulubambuta".
Even in the Santeria (Lucumi) Tradition Eggun are always with you and you dont have to necessarily receive them but
you can receive ceremonies to re-inforce them such as a Teja from a Babalawo, Opa Iku and Other Spiritual
Ceremonies, when you belong to a "Ile" or House of Orisha Worship , the Eggun or Spirits from the House Lineage are
with all the members and later can be re-inforced with other ceremonies.
there are however" Egungun" Ceremonies which are completely different but in some ways similar to" Palo Mayombe"
but they are NOT the same and should not be confused!
having an Initiation into the Egungun Ogboni Society is by strict Tribal Initiation only.
this is a classic Example where an unsuspecting seeker can be hoaxed into this type of fraud.

More Examples:
The "Aje Spirits Initiation Ceremony" links our world to the invisible world of the Aje Spirits (Witches). The Aje Spirits
control all aspects of human life such as wealth, health, prosperity, and our "spiritual birth destiny". If an individual does
not undergo this initiation ceremony they will always be plagued with constant spiritual attacks by the Aje Spirits. By
undergoing this initiation ceremony, an individual makes spiritual peace and establishes a lifelong relationship with the
powerful Aje Spirits without any spiritual interference in order to be able to accomplish your desired goals in one’s life.
The Aje Spirits Initiation Ceremony cost between $3500 and $6500.

Why this is Wrong?
"Aje" is clearly Confusing "The Witches" from the Lucumi (Santeria) and Ifa Traditions NOT Palo Mayombe!
in fact the word "Aje" is from the Yoruba language for "Witch"
NOT the Bikongo, Congolese or Bantu language used in Palo Mayombe
Orisha religious worship of Santeria (Lucumi) And Ifa Traditions revere "The Witches" and do have religious practices
to honor them but only through formal initiation before making "Ocha" the Initaition of Priesthood into the Orisha
religion of Santeria (Lucumi) and Ifa Traditions this however is not an initiation in Palo Mayombe or in anyway Congo
based, in fact there is no such Initiation at all.
this is clearly a made up "Palo Mayombe initiation"

More Examples:
The “Congo Spirit Ozain Initiation Ceremony” can only be received by men. This initiation ceremony gives the initiate the
spiritual right to be able to work and invoke the powerful magical Mysteries of the Congo Spirit Ozain. The cost of this
initiation is between $18,000 to $25,000. After the individual undergoes this very important initiation ceremony where they
will receive the actual "Spirit Mysteries" of the Congo Spirit Ozain they are then referred to and called by the prestigious
religious title “Ozainista”. An Ozainista Priest is an invaluable member of the Congo religious community.

Why this is Wrong?
Again this is confusing Lucumi (Santeria) & Ifa Orisha worship with the Congo Religion of Palo Mayombe.
there is no OZAIN (Osain) in the religion of Palo Mayombe, Osain is a Yoruba word as well but it is not Bantu, Bikongo,
or Congolese which is used in the Congo religion of Palo Mayombe
however there is "Nguru Nfinda" who is similar to the Orisha "Osain"
"Nguru Nfinda" is the Mpungo of the Forest and Herbs and a very vital part of spiritual working with herbs in the congo
religion of Palo Mayombe.
"Osain" however comes from the Orisha Worship of Santeria (Lucumi) and Ifa
someone that receives the Initiation of "Osain" are called "Osainista" but only in the Lucumi (Santeria & Ifa) Religion
NOT in Palo Mayombe!
this person is clearly mistaken!

If you have any questions about ANY Practioners, Priests (Tata Nkisi) , Priestess (Yaya Nkisi), or just want to know the
FACTS if they are Initiated and authentic you can call anytime for a complete and detailed authentic guide of
references, documented lineages and complete listings of initaitions into these rama's , along with a Clergy Directory
of Authentic Priests of the Congo Religion of Palo Mayombe in the United States, Caribbean Islands (Cuba, Puerto Rico,
Dominican Republic) and Abroad.

For more Information about
The Religion of
"Palo Mayombe"
Please Visit
~Dedicated to Authentic Palo Mayombe~

How to spot disingenuous
misinterpretations from websites on
This is much easier for Frauds to confuse people with because the Religious Practices of Vodou have been
commercialized and exploited throughout the years so the level of secrecy is not the same as it used to be. again these
are people that can be easy to spot as frauds, Websites that have "Western Union/Money Gram" and other Quick Cash
Collect types of business are usually a tell tale sign that they are not legit.
things to look for: Initiation dates, location and Divination methods used.
A real Mambo, Asogwe or Priest of Vodou should be able to Speak Creole, Haitian mixed with Languages from Benin
Africa from the Fon & Ewe People while doing ceremonies.
advanced Priests read Proverbs and throw bones on a round table from someone called a "Obomila", "Bokono", and
use the Sixteen Principal Afa-du (Yeveh Vodou)
Gbe-Meji I I I I
Yeku-Meji II II II II
Woli-Meji II I I II
Di-Meji I II II I
Abla-Meji I II II II
Akla-Meji II II II I
Loso-Meji I I II II
Wele-Meji II II I I
Guda-Meji I I I II
Sa-Meji II I I I
Lete-Meji I I II I
Tula-Meji I II I I
Turukpe-Meji II II I II
ka-Maji II I II II
Ce-Meji I II I II
Ose orogbe II I II I
Fu-Meji II I II I
(this divination is similar to Ifa)
Houngans (Male Voodoo Priest) or Mambos (Female Voodoo Priest) are usually people who were chosen by the dead
ancestors (loas) and received the divination from the deities while he or she was possessed. His or her tendency is to
do good by helping and protecting others from spells, however they sometimes use their supernatural power to hurt or
kill people. They also conduct ceremonies that usually take place "Amba Peristil" (under a Voodoo Temple). However,
non-Houngan or non-Mambo as Vodouisants are not initiated, and are referred to as being "bossale"; it is not a
requirement to be an initiate to serve one's spirits. There are clergy in Haitian Voodoo whose responsibility it is to
preserve the rituals and songs and maintain the relationship between the spirits and the community as a whole (though
some of this is the responsibility of the whole community as well). They are entrusted with leading the service of all of
the spirits of their lineage. Sometimes they are "called" to serve in a process called "being reclaimed," which they
may resist at first.
Its said in the Religion of Vodou/Voodoo/Voodou that if a person has not been formally Initaited from an authentic
Mambo and Houngan, washed, cleaned and presented to the spirit world of the Spirits, Loa's and other higher Entites
that the Spirits & Loa's cannot see, hear or communicate with there children or followers and can also make them
angry and close paths of the people that are trying to summon them without permission and authority
Initiations in Vodou
Lave tet
ritual head-washing, which clarifies the initiate, removes negativity, and strengthens a connection with the loa
Placing you under the protection of a certain loa. Often the lave and the garde are undertaken at the same time
defines a person as a part of the spiritual lineage of the houngan or mambo who is doing the initiating but not yet
completed spiritual obligations fully
Sur point
places the initiate on the level of junior priest or priestess this is an appropriate level of initiation for those who plan to
practice the Vodou religion without becoming a full complete priest
21 division / 21 nacion
Vodoun (be it hatian or dominican) consists of 21 divisions (like families and houses) of misterios (loas or spirits). These
divisions sort of give a feel of how these misterios act and also where they come from. For example the Division Rada -
(which would be the division that has Anaisa Pye ... Belie Belcan ... Candelo Cedife ... Metrezili) are very cool
misterios (meaning very close to god / pure / and some might say delayed with their reflexes) Division Petwo - Would
be the division of hot ancestors like (Ezili Dantor ... Gran Bwa Ile ... Ti Jean etc...) these are very fierce fast acting ....
sometimes uncontrolable spirits ... you have your Division Nago - Which is the Orisha de Youruba land (like ogun
shango ... etc...) Division Ghuede - Which are the spirits of the cementary who are very sexual and funny (Ghuede V ...
Ghuede N'himbo, Lubana (Santa Martha La Dominadora) etc.... there are many many more divisions that make up the
21 divisions i've only mentioned the divisions that are most used
There is a very important loa of the "21 Divsion" that is known as San Miguel, Saint Michael or Belie Belcan. His
birthday is on September 29th. His colors are red and green and he is a very old Loa or spirit. When he takes
possession of a "horse" otherwise a host or medium the body seems to hunch as if an old and short man has taken
over, the right leg of the medium bends back and the spirit begins to limp as he is walking in the mediums body. After
Belie enters the body his general salute will be "Bonsua a la Societe!" and "Mwen Se Belie Belcan" which translates
into I am belie Belcan.
This degree confers senior priesthood upon the initiate, who then is fully trained and eligible to be called a houngan or
a priest

Important Religious Days in Vodou
The most important feast days for lwa-yo (the lwa/Loa).
Ezili Alaila - Nuestra Senora de Altagracia - 21 of Jan.
Candelina - 2 of Feb.
Damballah - 17 of March
Baron del Cementerio - 17 of April / 20 of July
Ghuede N'himbo La Croix / 19 of April
Ogun Feray - 23 of April
Legba - 13 of June
Ezili Dantor - 16 of July and 15 of August
Baron del Cementerio - 20 of July / 17 of April
Ogun Balendjo - 25 of July
Gran Bwa - 25 of July
Anaisa Pye - 26 of July
Filomena Lubana - 29 of July
Santa Clara - 11 of August
Ezili Dantor - 15 of August and 16 of July
Cachita / Virgen de La Caridad - 8 of Sept.
Metrezili - 15 of Sept.
Ofelia Balendjo - 24 of Sept.
Marassa - 26 of Sept.
Belie Belcan - 29 of Sept.
Dia de los muertos (Ghuede Day) - November 2nd
Candelo - 4 of November
Ogun Obatala - 11 of Nov.
Gran Solie - 6 of Dec.

Today Voudo is practiced not only by Haitians but by Americans and people of many other nations who have been
exposed to Haitian culture. However (as may occur within other religions), because of the loyalty and demand many
have imposed on "voodoo", some so called priests and priestesses have taken the opportunity to exploit their
followers, asking large sums of money for work that brings no result. It has been asserted that Voodoo as a religion is
dying because of the greed of many who claim they practice it and are frauds that exploit the religion . Many Haitians
involved in the practice of Voodoo have been initiated as Houngans or Mambos. In Haiti, a houngan or mambo is
considered a person of possible high status who acquire much money; it now is a growing occupation in Haiti

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